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About Me


For twenty-five years, I have enjoyed a meaningful and fast-paced career in communications and marketing for causes — both social and political. In 2015, I began my training to be come a certified life coach studying under Martha Beck. I am currently finishing training hours for the last part of my certification. Then, I will begin my master coach training. 

My personal background (Life has thrown me a few twists and turns.) and my professional experience (I am a communications and strategic planning consultant.) helps me "get it" on personal and professional issues. I understand what it feels like to do well but not be really happy. I am no stranger to useless worrying, immobilizing self judgment, counter-productive comparisons to others and futile efforts to meet every social norm. 

My coaching training has helped me find the tools to live my life with more joy and peace.  I'd love to share what I'm learning with you.


What is a Life Coach?

Let's face it. "Life Coach" is a pretty silly term. No one...and I mean NO ONE...really knows how to live their life all of the time. We all know it's a journey. My training has taught me new questions to ask, new ways to listen to ourselves and new habits that help us learn more about  ourselves and what our own personal brand of happiness looks like. You will never hear me suggesting what you should do. But, we'll work through a set of ideas, tools and tactics that will help you design your life according to your truth, your purpose and reflective of your authentic self. 

I am coaching every week through April as I finish my certification. The good news? I'm charging $25 per session (50  minutes) for the next three months so that I can collaborate with many people with a broad array experiences and backgrounds.  My session fee will return to $125  after that. 

Schedule An Appointment

I'm available during some weekday evenings and at least one weekend day, unless traveling. You can schedule a free, 20-minute initial consultation or jump right in with a 50-minute appointment. The choice is yours. Just click the button below to see a limited selection of time slots or email me at alison@alisonbetty.com and we'll find a time that works for you. 

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